…that there’s actually a way that you can play with your money to have more money to play with?

Starving artist no more!I sure didn’t.

I was a perpetually broke art student in New Your City at Parsons School of Design. I was nineteen. Yes, I had a small allowance from my parents, but aside from that, I had not one red penny, no job (or time for one as a full-time student), and no idea how to get more money or handle what I did have in a way that would make it work for me.

I’d seen my mother write checks, and thought, ‘Hm, I need some, too!’ I put on my nicest yellow sundress (no paint stains!) and went all the way down to the main branch of the Chase Manhattan Bank, strode through the enormous revolving doors, across the marble floors, and right up to the handsome young man at the big, rosewood desk behind the red velvet rope.

What do YOU not know that hurts your wealth?

I felt every snick of confidence drain out the bottom of my feet. All the blood in my body migrated to my face. I turned hot and cold, sweat sprang out all over me, and my knees were in danger of imminent collapse unless I did something drastic. Like turn around and run!

But I very calmly put on a smile and said, ‘I’ll have to talk to my parents about that,’ as I backed up, turned around and tried to keep from running despite the desperate need to do so.

Was I embarrassed? Don’t even ask.

Was I furious? You bet.

Why had no one taught me what to do with my money?

What the heck else did I not know that would make me feel like a dork in front of the entire planet?

Fortunately, my room-mates filled me in on the basics of being a financially functioning human being with bills, rent and expenses.

But my room-mates didn’t clue me in on any of the financial structures I could have used to make more money out of the wee bit I had already.

They couldn’t! They didn’t know, either! To all 3 of us it was in-come, out-go – with way more need for out-go than we had in-coming.

It lasted like that for another 35 years.

Yes, I read books about saving, investing, etc., but have you ever noticed that almost all of them assume you have a job and some kind of steady income from which you can snag a little every month and put it away?

But I didn’t. You could schedule the wind better than my income! My income as an artist would go waaaaay up and waaaaay down.

I finally decided I’d had enough! There MUST be someone who could show me a way to use my money so I didn’t have to feel so desperate every single month.

Well, as you know, the minute you decide like that, the universe provides, and almost instantly I found out about a money-workshop. I went, learned, came back and put what I had discovered to use. This was in 2004. I had exactly $7.03 to my name.

Within three months I was in the black. And have never gone back.

I was so jazzed about this new system I’d learned that I decided to write and illustrate a simplified version of it – I wanted a book about how to use it for my sons and grandchildren.

I did it! I created the Books with the System! (Check them out here)

When I was done, so many friends told me it was so cool that I should publish it. I had already written and published my EFT books, so I thought, heck, why not?

Thus the PIGEES System was born and published.

Over the past few years, I’ve wandered away from using the system once in a while, and every time, my cash flow dwindled. But within a day of picking it up again, each time the flow would shift. I’ve never gone back to the harrowing desperation of zero funds.

There’s something about paying close attention to how I’m using my funds that keeps the money flowing smoothly, despite how much I have. Think about it – I started with a grand total of $7.03!

It’s what you give your attention to that makes all the difference.

And how you pay attention. You’ve certainly heard the word ‘Mindset’ – that’s what it’s all about. But it isn’t enough just to think positive and develop the right mindset. You need a map and a guide, and you need to take action.

When you learned to drive, you needed a car, a map, and an instructor. And you needed to turn the car on and go! Your money is your vehicle for freedom, and the PIGEES System is your map and guide all in one. And of course once you see how simple and do-able it is, the ‘go’ part is the easiest.

In this day and age we have such phenomenal choices, options and opportunities – it’s just plain smart to give yourself as much really good support as possible.

You’ll quickly get how easy it is to develop the solid Wealth Mindset that you need to get a leg up and start running instead of flailing around!

Then you’ll really wonder why you didn’t get it a long time ago!

To tell you the truth, I never, ever would have thought I’d be where I am financially today. I believed that I’d never have money. Ever – much less more than enough!

I never, ever thought I’d feel as happy as I do, or as pleased with who I am inside, and what I do.

I believed my career would always be stuck in dark obscurity; and that my depression would stick with me like heavy, smelly black goo till the end of my days.

With the support of EFT, the Emotional Freedom Techniques – which I still use every single day – and my PIGEES System, I’ve come so far I can’t hardly even imagine how I used to feel.

No more ughy horrid depression, no more money-worries!

I want that for you, too. And you can have it. But you need to decide! I invite you to decide right now!

I believe that we’re living in one of the most exciting, dynamic and possibility-filled times ever in history. Isn’t it time you started thinking more about usng what you do have and growing the money you do have instead of waiting or wishing for more to come? You’re way more powerful, dynamic and resourceful than that!

If you don’t want to stay stuck behind with the others who don’t have a clue how to create financial freedom, then take this chance to learn how to use the resources you have right now to create new pathways and options you literally didn’t know were possible.

You’ll be blown away by how a couple of small choices here and there, and a few steady changes in the way you think about things and act upon them will change your entire life.

Get financially free!
This is a simple system. You’ll absorb it so fast you’ll be surprised. Once you start to use it, you’ll be absolutely amazed how new opportunities you never saw before emerge right in front of your eyes.

Systems work! When my Success Coaching clients start to develop and implement systems, their success grows exponentially. Yours will, too. You’ll have way more choice and control over where YOU want it to go.

This how-to is unlike any other you have ever seen before! See through the eyes of the characters how you have been using your money incorrectly, or how you have developed money-use patterns that sabotage your ability to get, be or stay wealthy and prosperous. (Read more here)

Get financially free!
The only way to get new mental and emotional patterns is if you make new mind-grooves to jump into–and stay in them.

The old ones weren’t working, so why would you want to keep them? The Zen masters say if you do something for 100 days, you’ve made it your own.

Make Wealth your own! Easily choose new habits that work for you. This Guide book helps you eliminate your old self-sabotaging money habits in a flash! (Read more here)

Get financial FREEdom!
Success Feedback – BONUS: Focus on what’s most important to you; track whether you got there or not; and see where you went off track so you can get back on again.

Freedom-Thinking – BONUS: Use each part to create your wealth and financial freedom!

Inspiration E-Booklet – BONUS: Reminders about where you’re going and why you want to get there. Get back on track when you do a momentary dufus-fuzz-head. (Read more here)

It’s easy to see that the full value of the whole bundle of ebooks is worth way more than the $79.97 it’s going for. I invite you to treat yourself to some easy, fun and really satisfying new ideas and habits. Get it now while you’re thinking about it!


(Like to curl up with your books? Get them in PRINT HERE)

The PIGEES System

  • People are saying…


    Angela, you are such a creative genius!!! I wish I'd read this book years ago when I got divorced. It would have made a huge difference!

    Lynn Ward, Life Coach


    I was not prepared for how much this little story would capture my heart. Angela has taken a boring subject and injected fun, personality and joy - most of all joy - into this important subject.

    I read the story and started to implement the steps the same night!

    Now, I'm a fairly critical and show-me kind of old guy. Prove to me that it works and I'll give you some of my ever more precious time. But this story just gently wafted by all my cynicism and grabbed my action gland and I've begun to live the tasks recommended by the book.

    I find it's easy to remember the steps because the characters, pictures and explanations in the book were so memorable.

    I love this book. I give it my highest recommendation.

    Mark Bossert
    Website Designer,


    I am so excited to have the PIGEES system, and I just had to tell you how good it felt to put it into place. I love the book, the story is so cute, the illustrations are great, and I think it should be read in every elementary school in the free world.

    I plan on reading the book to my children and helping them to set up their own PIGEES systems. This can literally change our lives. Thank you so much for your creativity and inspiration.

    And today I got a new client out of the blue because I opened my mind up to new options and opportunities - just like you said. See? Only a short time into the PIGEES
    system, and my income for this month is quadruple what it usually is. Now, THAT'S results!

    Susan D.


    I thought I was nuts when I spent all that money for the 6 Little PIGEES ebook the other day. I have just finished it and it was well worth it. You are one creative lady - keep up the good works.

    Thanks - John P.


    I am beginning to use the PIGEES System and was able to send my daughter a check from the G category. It felt great! I have very little income right now, but I'm experiencing more freedom around money than before. Thanks and I'll keep you posted!!

    Hugs - Kate S.


    Curiosity finally got me so I tried the PIGEES System and saw results immediately! I'm feeling a true sense of security now knowing where my money is going instead of guessing where it all went.

    The PIGEES system is really easy and fun and I have recommended it to several of my friends.

    Thanks Angela!
    Sharon O.


    I had real success this week. Whatever we did in your class must have released something! Just sold two paintings this week to the same customer! I'm looking forward to class again Tues. night. And more successes - I hang my show tomorrow. I feel OK and am open to see what happens. Thanks again for your class.

    I know I need to play much more but have been busy painting (that's fun too but work also)!

    Margaret D., Artist


    You have given me some answers I have been searching for, and I am very grateful. Here's part of an email I sent to my friend: "This is life-changing information."

    Thanks again, Angela. Hope you'll forgive me if I gush a bit, but I'm so glad I found you! You are an inspiration to me.



    You are amazing! The PIGEES Wealth Being Master MindSet Tele-class was so well done. Thank you for organizing these classes and sharing them with your millions of friends!

    I'm looking forward to this evening's master-mind group!

    Jay D., Texas


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